7 Basic Elements of Photography to Know Before You Hire a Photographer

Photography is an art form and consists of basic elements that make up a photograph. The way in which a photographer uses these can determine the quality and whether it is what you want or not. Obviously, the photographer should have a good grasp on these elements and be able to use them well. Elements that you can look for in photographs before hiring someone include:

Composition – This has to do with the arrangement of objects in the photograph. Most photographers follow the rule of thirds, but there are also other approaches that can be used. The bottom line is that the composition or arrangement should be pleasing to the eye.

Depth – This is how you create a three-dimensional photograph. Photographers use angles, focus, and framing to accomplish depth. By zooming in on certain objects and blurring others, depth is created.

Line – Lines are the outlines of an object. If used correctly, it gives flow to a photograph and catches the attention of viewers. Different types of lines create different moods and a good photographer will be able to use them to create the right feel.

Texture – Texture refers to the ability of a photograph to make you want to touch it. It gives a sense of tactility. It could be a rocky mountain, rough wood finish, etc.

Patterns and Shape – We automatically pick up patterns and shapes and when they are pleasant to the eye, they draw attention. The three aspects of patterns and shape are rhythm, symmetry, and triangles.

Light – Light is a very important aspect to consider in photography. It can make or break a photograph if the light is wrong. The angle and level of light can make huge differences to what is visible and what type of feeling is created.

Vantage point – This is the point where the photograph is taken from. It determines the point of view of the viewer of the photograph. It can be from afar, from low looking up or high looking down, etc.

Good photographers know how to use these elements in the best way to create photographs that are suitable for the event or theme.


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