6 Top Tips for Preparing

6 Top Tips for Preparing for Your Photo Shoot

Whether it is your wedding photo shoot, a family photo shoot, or an engagement shoot, you want to be ready and look your best for the camera. Some people can get very nervous in front of the camera and to help them feel more prepared, we have some tips for getting ready for it.

Eat something. It is important that you are not hungry on your shoot. You will look better and feel better because you won’t be distracted by a growling stomach. Eating will also give you the energy to do what the photographer wants and to enjoy the experience.

Lay out your clothes. Make sure that the clothes that you will be wearing is clean and ironed and set out the night before. If your family is doing a shoot together, make sure everyone has their outfits ready and unwrinkled.

Tasteful make-up. You can check with your photographer whether men need to have some foundation or not to get rid of shininess. The general rule to follow is to keep it natural.

Keep the facial hair trimmed. If you are a man, you should either be clean-shaven or have your facial groomed and trimmed to look neat and clean.


Clean toes and fingers. If your hands and feet will be photographed, it is important to make sure that they are clean and well-groomed. If you want to wear nail polish, make sure it doesn’t detract from the rest of the photo. Bright colours tend to distract people.

Facials and other treatments. If you plan to get a new haircut, new hair colour, or to have a facial, do so a few days to a week before the shoot. Doing facials too close to the shoot may mean that your skin is still red or spotty and that you don’t want.

Lastly, have fun. A photo shoot with your loved ones should be a happy experience with laughter and memories. So prepare beforehand and enjoy when you get there.