Hire Me

Photographers are all over and you can find one around every corner. So, what makes me different from them? I believe what sets me apart is my passion and my keen eye for detail and the natural side of things. You need some ‘staged’ photos to stick to traditions, but the majority of my photographs are of people just being natural.

Why Hire Me?

My Passion

Photography is my heart and soul and I give 150% of my attention, talent, and art to every client and every shoot. There is nothing else on earth that I would rather do than take photographs of people in their element and experiencing the best moments of their lives.

My Process

I follow a process where the client has input and we discuss what they need beforehand. Sometimes clients want certain effects or things that cannot or will not work and we need to sort those things out before the day. I love getting input from clients and hearing them think out of the box. I believe in realistic collaboration.

My Prices

My rates are very affordable and are catered to each client’s needs. I have standard rates, but they are applied according to the number of photographs the client wants as well as location, season, and extras required.