How to take great food photos using a mirrorless camera

food photographyMany people assume that to take a great picture, you would need to have a professional DSLR camera. However, that’s not always true as there are many cameras out there such as a mirrorless camera that can take stunning photos that are as good as DSLRs. They don’t just take great photos, but it’s also a very affordable camera for any beginners who want to get started with food photography.

Use natural light

Using a natural light is one of the most popular tricks that many food photographers do. The best method is to take photos in a room or corner of your house where you get the most light. It’s also ideal to take pictures outside your home during a sunny day. However, the light shining through your window will give off a softer and natural look compared to the outside area.

food photography

Take lots of pictures

To get better with food photography, you would need to take as many photos as you can as this will help you improve faster. Many people often get stuck on watching too many tutorials online and not taking enough photos. It’s ideal to set a goal of taking varieties of pictures once a week. As the time goes, you would be able to see improvements in your photos.

Don’t use automatic mode

The automatic mode prevents you from learning your camera. By using the manual mode, you will be able to adjust the look of the image to whatever you like, and you will be able to master your camera in no time.

Get inspired by others

Another trick is to follow food photographers that inspire you and choose a photo that you like from their gallery. Once you have selected your favourite photo, try and imitate the photo by looking at which angle they used and what part of the food they captured the most. This way you will know the steps they took to achieve the image. 

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