Things to avoid as a photographer


Professional photographers should be aware of things that can prevent them from creating successful works. The following factors can affect your time and creativeness in photography, so it’s important that you are mindful of the following.

Repetitive techniques

Professional photographers should know to stay away from their usual techniques as this can hinder their growth and skills in photography. It’s important always to be open in learning new techniques and applying them in your work. Learning new tricks can improve your skills in the longer run.

Ignore copyright

Do not ignore the importance of copyrighting your work as it secures and protects your work from duplication and theft.

Not taking your camera wherever you go

As a photographer, your camera should be with you at all times as there is always something you can capture whenever you are out and about. You could also miss some great shots and opportunities.

Ignore the internet

Never ignore the internet! The internet is a door for many things including new opportunities and new ideas and inspiration. People are on the internet most of the time, so it’s essential that you have your website up with your portfolio and your contact to attract potential customers. You can also look up other photographers for some inspiration.

Waste time on gears

As much as having the best gear is important, it’s important that you do not get caught up in them. Instead, you should invest your time in experimenting and take shots of what’s around you as this is much more important.

Socialise too much

You will probably get invited to big events for your work, and you may find yourself interacting with different people all the time. Try not to get too caught up with socialising for too long while you’re working as this can distract your work and affect your creativity.

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